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I believe that we all must work to overcome the social, economic and political forces that work to deny those born into poverty access to the opportunities (and resources) needed to break free from the cycle of poverty…

Robert Caldwell – Founder & CEO

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Established in 2008 AnswerPoverty.org  is a research, training and education organization that works to advance public policy and the practice of social service work towards just solutions to poverty in urban communities. We work in collaboration with public and private sector organizations to develop programs and services in the areas of education, community development, vocational training, employment and social entrepreneurship.

Professional Development Training – In 2010 we expanded our mission to provide training for professional and volunteer social service practitioners who work in low-income urban communities or with low-income urban people. Our goal is to help practitioners develop and deliver culturally informed and asset-based programs and services that equip and empower people to liberate themselves from poverty

Research and Analysis – Additionally, we provide policy makers with community based research and culturally informed analysis of evidence based best practices that address the cycle of poverty in urban communities.

If you are interested in any program, service or resource on this site, feel free to contact me directly at robert@answerpoverty.org.  Thank you for being part of the solution.